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Duke’s Daniel Dardani elected to the AUTM Board of Directors

Daniel Dardani, Duke University’s Director of Physical Sciences and Digital Innovations Licensing and Corporate Alliances, has been elected to a three-year term serving on the AUTM Board of Directors.

AUTM is the leading professional organization for technology transfer professionals, over 3,000 of them spread across research entities like universities and hospitals around the world. Predating the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act, which established the modern framework of technology transfer, AUTM has worked since the 1970s to “support and advance technology transfer worldwide.”

Dan ran for the position highlighting two key messages: (1) software matters, and (2) the international community matters. As an incoming Board of Directors member, Dan will advocate for an expansion of AUTM’s focus on software and digital innovations – a growing portion of the inventions disclosed to Duke and to other universities – as well for more inclusion of and collaboration with international colleagues.

“I am excited to be joining the AUTM Board and have the chance to contribute back to the organization that has taught me so much and helped me throughout my career,” said Dan.

That software matters is a message Dan has been championing for over 20 years, in particular in his decade long role as Chair of AUTM’s Software Course Committee. Before joining Duke, Dan was a mainstay within the MIT Technology Licensing Office as a technology licensing officer, managing a large and sophisticated portfolio of technologies that included: computing and information technology, patented algorithms, copyrighted software, open source, digital imaging, video games, machine learning/AI, data, e-health, quantum computing, and cyber-security technologies.

“As a former AUTM President, I am pleased to have a member of the OTC team continue the tradition of service and participation with our professional association” said Robin Rasor, Associate VP for Translation & Commercialization.

In addition to his duties leading the physical sciences and digital innovations licensing teams of the Office for Translation & Commercialization, Dan also works with the Office for External Partnerships (OEP) to provide strategic support to develop multi-year corporate alliances, corporate partners, and negotiation of IP terms for significant sponsored research agreements.

“Dan is a very well-respected expert in software licensing as well as in forming industry partnerships to develop and commercialize software,” said Ed Pagani, Assistant VP for External Partnerships and the Executive Director of OEP. “The AUTM Board will be fertile grounds for his insights and advice on best practices for technology licensing and industry sponsored research arrangements.”

Dan will begin his term on the AUTM Board of Directors at the conclusion of the AUTM 2023 Annual Meeting in February.

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