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Wearable device for early detection of influenza and common cold

Unmet Need Approximately 10% of the US population is infected...


Method of growing and analyzing single cells within microfluidic droplets

Unmet Need The importance and influence of the microbiome on...


A quality control tool for multi-energy X-ray computed tomography imaging

Unmet Need X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging devices are ubiquitous...


Machine learning-based predictions of genetic variant pathogenicity interpretation

Value Proposition The standard of care for Long QT Syndrome...


Self-directed mobile coping skills training intervention

Value Proposition Patients who require hospitalization commonly suffer from psychological...


Machine learning algorithm to predict malignancy in thyroid nodules

Value Proposition An estimated 10% of the general population in...


Mask embedding for realistic high-resolution image synthesis

Value Proposition Software implementing artificial intelligence algorithms has the potential...


Novel feeding method in supercritical water oxidation

Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) refers to the oxidation of organic...