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Aspirion Acquires Infinia ML, an established leader in AI and Machine Learning

Infinia ML is a Duke artificial intelligence start-up spun out of the lab of Professor Lawrence Carin (ECE, Pratt).

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Clinetic Announces Series A Funding Round Led by Sopris Capital

Clinetic is a medical records Duke start-up founded on technology developed by a team at the Duke Institute for Health Innovation

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Realtime Robotics Funded an Additional $9.5 Million to Meet Increased Demand for Technology that Transforms Manufacturing

Realtime Robotics, a Duke start-up and Duke Capital Partners portfolio company, was founded by Professor Daniel Sorin (ECE, Pratt).

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How a Duke Professor and Two Duke Ph.D.s are Building an AI Drug Discovery Start-Up

Duke Professor Bruce Donald and his former students are combining computer science, structural biology, and an entrepreneurial spirit to design new drugs at Ten63 Therapeutics.

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Ten63 Therapeutics Raises $15.9 Million in Oversubscribed Series A Financing to Drug the Undruggables by Combining the Power of AI and Physics-based Models

Ten63 is a Duke University start-up founded by Professor Bruce Donald (Computer Science, Trinity), and his students. Ten63 is also a Duke Capital Partners portfolio company.

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Ai-RGUS wins Security Industry Association award

Ai-RGUS is a Duke start-up spun up from technology developed by Drs. Jordan Malof, Leslie Collins, Joseph Camilo, and Daniel Reichman (ECE, Pratt).

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Managing Academic Software Projects for Licensing

Software projects have multiple possible intellectual property and licensing paths – Duke University experts can help guide your digital innovation journey.

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Watch: Basics of Copyright, Data, and Software Intellectual Property – recording now available

It has been said that content is king. Watch Duke's Daniel Dardani give an overview of copyright law with considerations of its history and relevance to IP.

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PranaQ Secures $3M in Seed Funding

This post first appeared on the PranaQ website. PranaQ, a healthcare technology startup, successfully completed $3M in Seed round funding raising. The round was participated by multiple global venture capital firms, including DSC Investment, Smilegate Investment,…

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