Sequence of the gene and protein encoding the human D1 dopamine receptor

Value Proposition

The Dopamine D1 receptor is known to regulate neuronal growth and development, in addition to playing important roles in learning and memory, locomotion, and other essential neural activities. Further investigation into its function and roles in other nervous system compartments and activities is necessary.


This invention is a gene and protein sequence for the dopamine D1 receptor.


  • The whole D1 protein sequence DNA was validated by expressing it in a host cell and measuring the properties of the acquired function such as specific ligand binding and ability to raise cAMP in the presence of dopamine
  • The sequence for the gene and protein for the D1-dopamine receptor was not previously known

Duke File (IDF) Number



  • Caron, Marc G
  • Bunzow, James
  • Civelli, Oliver
  • Dearry, Allen
  • Falardeau, Pierre
  • Gingrich, Jay
  • Grandy, David
  • Zhou, Qun Y

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