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Home Technologies RealChoices web-based menu planning and nutrition tracking computer software program

RealChoices web-based menu planning and nutrition tracking computer software program

Value Proposition

There are variable reasons why someone would seek a heathier food-related lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habits can have serios negative effects in one’s health. In America alone, it is estimated that over two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. As these individuals get older, aberrant heath issues arise that can have a negative impact in their lifestyles and has socioeconomic consequences. Obesity is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, depression, etc. Despite these risk factors, it can be difficult and discouraging for individuals to seek help or find efficient tools to help them choose heathier food and meal options. In recent years, the increase of telemedicine has given individuals the opportunity to make better heath decisions all from their mobile or computer devices. However, not all of the nutrition software applications in the market provide a clear guide to a heathier lifestyle.


Tenekjian and colleagues have developed a web-based software application named RealChoices that will help people make better nutrition choices in their daily meals. Users will have the ability to prepare a week’s worth of meals from a variety of established nutritious meals. What makes RealChoices stand out from other software applications will be the feature to have dietitian options and feedback on meals chosen by the user. It also allows for communication of the meal choices to catering staff to use for food purchase and meal preparation planning as well as serving of the specific meal to the specific client.


  • Helps prepare nutrition meals days in advance with a larger variety of pre-established meals and a la carte items

  • Provides feedback on meals from dietitians

  • Allows communication with catering staff for meal preparation planning

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