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Real-time optical coherence tomography processing software

Value Proposition

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has revolutionized retinal diagnostics and is rapidly expanding into surgical settings. Currently, surgical OCT systems are limited to visualization of 2D images of live surgery. This resulted in difficulties and delays in identify a single 2D plane of interest within a 3D surgical field. A new custom software developed by Duke aims to address this problem by providing real-time processing and display of 4D images with at least 10 times speed up compare to existing systems.


Duke’s GPU accelerated software allows for real-time acquisition, processing and display of volumetric data up to 500,000 A-lines per second. The throughput of the software and custom volumetric rendering pipeline allows for improved visualization of dynamic surgical maneuvers. The software supports viewing of OCT images through attachments such as a heads-up display (HUD), which allows viewing OCT data and the surgical field simultaneously. This software was used in four-dimensional (live volumetric imaging through time) microscope-integrated optical coherence tomography (4D MIOCT) for mock surgical trials involving 17 ophthalmic surgeons. Additionally, the 4D MIOCT imaging was performed in 48 human eye surgeries and was demonstrated to successfully visualize the pathology of interest in concordance with preoperative diagnosis in 93% of retinal surgeries and the surgical site of interest in 100% of anterior segment surgeries.


  • Real-time processing and display of volumetric data
  • Custom volumetric filtering and rendering
  • Support for stereoscopic viewing in a HUD
  • Ability to save processed volumes as they are acquired
  • Graphical interface allows user to select from 8 distinct scan patterns

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