Isogenic HCT1116 cell lines with heterozygous or homozygous MLL2 inactivating mutation

HCT 116- MLL2 +/- line (MLL2 heterozygous knockout; two clones)- Deviced from the fibroblast- looking HCT116 line, a human colorectal cancer line which has wild-type MLL2 alleles. Genetic engineering was used to insert a DNA fragment that causes defect in splicing or out of frame mutation.

HCT116- MLL2 -/- line (MLL2 homozyous knockout; four clones)

It is derived from the above HCT116- MLL2 +/- cell lines. Genetic engineering was used to knockout both alleles of MLL2 genes, and thus this cell line has no functional MLL2 gene.

Both these cell lines will be useful for assessing mechanisms of tumorigenesis and testing therapies which will overcome the major barrier to investigating MLL2 mutations in tumor development.

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  • He, Yiping
  • Bigner, Darell
  • Yan, Hai

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