Human-computer collaborative process monitoring system: Monitoring Information Notification Display (MIND)

Unmet Need

Many large-scale, automated biomanufacturing processes can be controlled remotely but still utilize in-person monitoring. Active monitoring is a critical aspect of manufacturing process control as it helps identify and mitigate problems that may lead to lost time and/or resources. However, in-person monitoring is time consuming and costly. Thus, there is a need for the introduction of automation into biomanufacturing monitoring processes. This will improve worker and process efficiency by decreasing the burden of in-person monitoring.


Duke inventors have developed software which enables users to set time-based or situational alerts on any remotely controlled process that they are monitoring. Specifically, this technology consists of a graphical user interface that allows for alarm settings and communications, as well as multiple camera views and the ability to import available telemetry about controlled processes. This has been tested in the biotech setting and has been shown to be highly customizable based on user needs.

Other Applications

This technology could also be applied anywhere that requires process control, such as breweries, the oil and gas industry, or anesthesiology.


  • Alleviates worker burden
  • Improves efficiency
  • Simplified monitoring and record keeping of any process-related events
  • Highly customizable
Industrial fermentation tanks (Source: Envato)

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  • Cummings, Mary
  • Han, Honggyu
  • Wu, Mindy

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