Genetic control of neurol activity in mice conditionally expressing TRPV1

ROSA-stop flox-TRPV1-IRES-ECFP knock-in mice

Background strain 129S1/SvlmJ

Mice that are homozygous for the targeted mutation are viable, fertile, normal in size and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities. Upon crossing to a Cre-expressing driver line, the Rat TRPV1 gene product is expressed from the ROSA26 locus. Cells expressing TRPV1 are sensitive to capsaicin and similar chemical agonists.

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  • Arenkiel, Benjamin
  • Ehlers, Michael


  • Arenkiel BR, Klein ME, Davison IG, Katz Le, Ehlers MD. Genetic control ofneuronal activity in mice conditionally expressing TRPVl. Nat Methods. 2008 Apr;5(4):299-302.

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