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Home Technologies Electro-stimulation device to promote bladder voiding

Electro-stimulation device to promote bladder voiding

Value Proposition

Despite its association with a diverse array of conditions and particularly high prevalence among the elderly, underactive bladder lacks reliable clinical treatment options. Many pharmacological treatments have proven ineffective and cause undesirable side effects, while long term indwelling urethral catheter use is inconvenient and intolerable to many patients. A long-term, dependable system to induce bladder voiding is needed to improve quality of life in patients suffering from this condition.


Duke inventors have developed a novel system to illicit bladder contraction via urethral electro-stimulation. The proposed device has been proven effective in rodent models, and may be a dependable long-term, minimally invasive option to control bladder voidance in patients suffering from detrusor underactivity.


  • Minimally invasive
  • Controlled electronic stimulation to induce bladder voiding
  • Low risk of severe side effects

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