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Direct to Implant Placement Guide System

Direct to Implant Placement Guide System

Unmet Need

There are 140,000 breast reconstruction procedures performed annually in the United States with 9% of cases being direct-to-implant operations. The incidence rate of infection for these procedures ranges from 7.8% to 20.5%, and therefore there is a need for a direct to implant guide system that will allow for faster and more accurate operating procedures while also reducing the risk of contamination and infection.


Duke inventors have developed a disposable direct-to-implant guide system that will allow for faster implantation, better implant positioning, and ultimately reduced risk of infection. This is intended to be used by surgeons during breast reconstruction operations. Specifically, this disposable guide system will be customized for the breast implant of choice and used to accurately position and place the implant in a completely sterile manner. This device has been produced specifically for the round Natrelle 13 cm implant but can be modified for any implant of choice. This device could be implanted into the surgical incision, provide accurate markings to allow for implant positioning, and then removed and disposed of – features not available in today’s market.


  • Quicker operations
  • Accurate implant positioning
  • Sterile
  • Reduced risk of infection

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