Device for personalizing ventilation settings on a shared system

Value Proposition

In times of emergency, multiple patients might require to be supported on the same ventilator system. However, patients might have different degrees of lung function, including lung compliance and required volumes of support. Currently there is no system to rapidly address this problem.


Duke inventors have devised a small device that can be added to the ventilator circuit that allows for rapid adjustment or resistances in the circuit to allow for rapid changes in air flow to different patients. It can be customized for each patient to allow for changes as the patient status changes.

COVID-19 Application

This invention could be used to help maintain personalized ventilator settings for multiple patients supported on the same system.

doctors putting an oxygen mask on a patient in a hospital

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  • Bishawi, Muath
  • Alger, Amy
  • Gall, Ken
  • Truskey, George

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