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Home Technologies Data science and Python training modules for healthcare professionals
Data science and Python training modules for healthcare professionals

Data science and Python training modules for healthcare professionals

Unmet Need

Data analytics and machine learning tools are becoming increasingly prevalent in healthcare settings, assisting in data organization, disease diagnosis, and treatment prediction. In North America alone, the machine learning market in the life sciences is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 43% from 2022-2027. By 2027, the market will be valued at $8.2 billion from $774 million in 2020. Adopting these novel tools is essential for better patient care and higher efficiency in healthcare settings, but operation requires a basic understanding of data science. There is a need for easily accessible education courses for healthcare professionals to learn the skills required to utilize these technologies.


Duke inventors have developed data science and Python programming training modules for healthcare professionals. This online educational course will be utilized by healthcare providers (HCPs), allowing easy use and adoption of novel machine learning and other digital innovations in healthcare settings. Specifically, this course is comprised of 22 online learning modules, each supported with a video-recorded Python programming lesson. Over the course, HCPs will learn the basics of Python coding and progress to skills such as data analysis and machine learning, giving healthcare professionals the skills to communicate effectively with computer scientists and programmers. Graduates will be proficient in basic analytic tools such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib, and understand statistical and machine learning approaches for predicting outcomes. The course includes topics such as data manipulation and cleaning, data analysis, statistical analysis in Python, learning algorithms, machine learning, and model evaluation and validation.


  • Programming course tailored for healthcare professionals
  • Easily accessible, self-paced, online learning course
  • Bridges the gap between healthcare and computer programming

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