CaMKK2 as a target for cancer immunotherapy

Tumor cells have the remarkable ability to block the immune system, and in such a way escape the immune response. This is a major problem that causes cancer development and metastasis. The ability of tumor cells to blunt the immune response is also a major limitation for the recent immune-therapeutic approaches, including anti-cancer vaccines and immune-check point inhibitors. This invention is aimed at preventing the detrimental effects of tumor on immune cells, and in such a way at activating the anti-tumor immune response. The invention can be used as mono-therapy to promote the anti-cancer immune response, or in association with other anti-cancer therapies, including radio- chemo- and immune-therapies.

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  • Racioppi, Luigi
  • Chao, Nelson
  • Huang, Wei
  • McDonnell, Donald
  • Nelson, Erik

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