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Mobile app to improve doctors’ wellness

Unmet Need When compared to the general population, physicians are...


Systems and methods to noninvasively enhance the visual acuity for patients with retinal prostheses

Unmet Need Degenerative eye diseases lead to a profound decrease...


XCAT phantom CT projector

The XCAT, MOBY, and ROBY phantoms include a great amount...


Software for predicting vibrational blade response in gas turbines

Unmet Need Virtually all commercial aircraft use gas turbine engines...


Memory-efficient deep learning algorithms for computed tomography image reconstruction

Unmet Need Using high resolution images such as computed tomography...


A novel method for automatic segmentation and identification of closed-contour structures in images

Unmet Need Fast, accurate, and objective detection and quantification of...


A computational algorithm-based method for extracting intrinsic fluorescence properties of tissue

Value Proposition Fluorescence spectroscopy has been used successfully to discriminate...


A mathematical model and software for obtaining the yield stress of complex materials

Value Proposition Knowing the limit of elasticity, or yield stress,...