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Long T1 artifact suppression technique for magnetic resonance imaging

A method of suppressing artifacts arising from tissue, fluids, or...


A computational algorithm-based method for extracting intrinsic fluorescence properties of tissue

Value Proposition Fluorescence spectroscopy has been used successfully to discriminate...


MRI image processing using virtual frequency-selective inversion

Unmet Need In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), data is acquired...


CARP: A new image and video compression method using wavelets with adaptive partitioning

Value Proposition The sharing and storage of multimedia content is...


Harvis: an interactive virtual reality tool for modification and simulation of blood flow

Unmet Need Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the largest underlying cause...


Millimeter wave estimation of body geometry for accurate online apparel shopping

Unmet Need Consumers in United States spend over $50 billion...


Method for fat suppression in T1-weighted inversion recovery MRI

Unmet Need T1-weighted inversion recovery (IR) imaging is a common...


Augmented reality-based navigation for use in neurosurgical procedures

Unmet Need Over 200 million surgical procedures are performed each...


An optical coherence tomography system capable of automatically and accurately imaging eyes without the use of chinrests

Unmet Need Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has revolutionized structural imaging...