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Small molecules

Abl kinase inhibitors promote lung regeneration after pathogen and chemical-induced injury

Value Proposition Damage to the lung epithelium in response to...


C-nitroso donors of neutral nitric oxide to treat hypertension and other diseases

Value proposition Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, can...


Method to sensitize cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Unmet Need While radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy are used for >90%...


Enhancing of homing and/or engraftment of cord blood mononuclear cells in the central nervous system

Value Proposition Leukodystrophies are inherited disorders resulting in decreased motor...


Topical PDH inhibitors to enhance wound healing by reducing ischemia

Unmet Need Millions of patients experience unhealed skin wounds, and...


Targeting drugging molecules that promote cancer metastasis

Value Proposition Metastases, the spread of cancer cells to new...