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Sensors & Controls

A platform for detecting and discriminating odorant molecules in the vapor phase

Unmet Need Mammals are capable of detecting and recognizing a...


Bio Layer Interferometry Probe (BLIP) for in-vivo analyte detection

Unmet Need Diagnostic tests play a critical role in the...


Wearable device for early detection of influenza and common cold

Unmet Need Approximately 10% of the US population is infected...


Electronic platform for sensing and control of (electro-)chemical reaction

Biological and chemical sensor systems are of great importance in...


Sensing human presence in a room using dynamic metasurface antennas

Unmet Need The current primary method for detecting the presence...


Electronic biosensor platform

A sensor comprising an electronic circuit electrically coupled to a...


A fluorescent probe for monitoring beta-secretase activity in cells

Molecular probes are provided for use in fluorescence microscopy procedures...


InAS-based nitric oxide species gas sensor

Background Biological and chemical sensor systems are of great importance...


Test of Verbal Expression and Reasoning (TOVER)

The TOVER is non-standardized assessment of expressive language in context...