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Sensing human presence in a room using dynamic metasurface antennas

Unmet Need The current primary method for detecting the presence...


Wickless vapor chamber

Value Proposition Thermal diodes are devices that rectify heat flows....


Passive pressure sensor

Value proposition Monitoring Intracranial Pressure (ICP) in patients undergoing neurological...


InAS-based nitric oxide species gas sensor

Background Biological and chemical sensor systems are of great importance...


A method for end-to-end spatial accuracy quality assurance for radiosurgery

Unmet Need Radiation therapy is an essential element of cancer...


An inexpensive, mobile system to detect interloping unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmet Need With the rise in popularity of drones, their...


A system and method for planning radiosurgery treatments that can better target multiple tumors simultaneously

Unmet Need Brain metastases are the most common neurological complication...