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Void space and scaffold analysis of packed particles

Unmet Need Granular materials are used in countless contexts and...


Detailed brain model for imaging research

The XCAT brain phantom program includes a highly detailed anatomy...


4D Rat Whole Body (ROBY) Phantom Version 2.0

The 4D ROBY and MOBY phantoms were developed for small...


The simultaneous assessment of multiple tumor driver genes using a cancer rainbow mouse

Value Proposition There is an ongoing effort to develop transformative...


A 3D tissue model for evaluating lymphovascular invasion of breast cancer cells

Value proposition Tissue engineering is an emerging market expected to...


Software for predicting vibrational blade response in gas turbines

Unmet Need Virtually all commercial aircraft use gas turbine engines...


Harvis: an interactive virtual reality tool for modification and simulation of blood flow

Unmet Need Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the largest underlying cause...