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A system for screening compounds that alter smell perception

Unmet Need Olfactory sensation profoundly influences a person’s quality of...


Rapid immunoassay to detect anti-EGFRviii levels to evaluate vaccine efficacy

Value Proposition Tumor-specific molecules offer the possibility of targeted cancer...


The simultaneous assessment of multiple tumor driver genes using a cancer rainbow mouse

Value Proposition There is an ongoing effort to develop transformative...


Method of growing and analyzing single cells within microfluidic droplets

Unmet Need The importance and influence of the microbiome on...


A novel acoustic biomarker for quality of life in LVAD recipients

Unmet Need Left ventricular devices (LVADs) are surgically implanted pumps...


Fluorescence-based high-throughput assay for identifying antivirals to control COVID-19 pandemic

Unmet Need Current efforts to control COVID-19 are largely focused...


Enclosure device to track fine-scale movements of animals in 3D with a single camera

Unmet Need A major component of medical research and preclinical...