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Shank3 knockout mice as a model for autism

The Shank3B- knockout allele has a neo cassette replacing the...


Mouse model of cholinergic dysfunction to evaluate cognitive enhancers for Alzheimer’s disease treatment

Value Proposition Defects in acetylcholine transmission have been associated with...


The simultaneous assessment of multiple tumor driver genes using a cancer rainbow mouse

Value Proposition There is an ongoing effort to develop transformative...


Transgenic mice expressing mutant pig rhodopsin

Value Proposition ADRP (Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa) is a type...


A mouse strain lacking functional GRK4 gene

GRK4 is prominently expressed in testes, with expression also in...


Activated caspase-3 reporter mouse

The activated caspase-3 reporter mouse is an in vivo screening...


ZIP fish: zebrafish insulin promoter

Duke scientists have created stable transgenic zebrafish with strict pancreatic,...


Use of sustained-release 5-hydroxytrypophan in treating constipation

Unmet Need Over 10% of the population suffers from constipation...


Enclosure device to track fine-scale movements of animals in 3D with a single camera

Unmet Need A major component of medical research and preclinical...