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Acoustic imaging with metamaterial Luneburg lenses

Unmet Need Controlling and focusing acoustic waves is a crucial...


All dielectric absorber for improved real-time imaging in the terahertz spectrum

Value Proposition Discoveries over the past decades have unveiled unique...


Acoustic lensing and holographic reconstruction with metamaterials

Unmet Need Manipulation of sound waves in air often requires...


A fluorescent probe for monitoring beta-secretase activity in cells

Molecular probes are provided for use in fluorescence microscopy procedures...


Test of Verbal Expression and Reasoning (TOVER)

The TOVER is non-standardized assessment of expressive language in context...


A rapid and low-cost method for benchtop microfabrication of thermoplastic microdevices using UV light and miniaturization

Unmet Need Microfluidics has shown considerable promise for advancing biomedical...


Sensing human presence in a room using dynamic metasurface antennas

Unmet Need The current primary method for detecting the presence...