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Structured illumination for compressive tomography

Value Proposition Tomographic imaging is a well-known imaging method where...


Performing tissue discrimination for cancer diagnostics using X-ray diffraction imaging

Value Proposition Cancer diagnosis is a multi-step process involving a...


Coded aperture X-ray scatter imaging

Value Proposition The ability to non-invasively image the molecular composition...


A method for end-to-end spatial accuracy quality assurance for radiosurgery

Unmet Need Radiation therapy is an essential element of cancer...


A method to eliminate beam hardening artifacts and to improve CT quantitative imaging ability

Unmet Need For many commercially available CT scanners, the photons...


A quality control tool for multi-energy X-ray computed tomography imaging

Unmet Need X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging devices are ubiquitous...


Memory-efficient deep learning algorithms for computed tomography image reconstruction

Unmet Need Using high resolution images such as computed tomography...