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A method for reducing speckle and improving resolution in ultrasound imaging

Value Proposition For many years, ultrasound imaging has been an...


A high-speed echocardiographic system that can assess cardiac function in real-time

Unmet Need Since its inception in the mid-1970s, real-time echocardiography...


Micromachined transducer arrays for improved ultrasound imaging

Unmet Need With the surge of minimally invasive surgeries comes...


Methods and devices for ultrasound scanning

In patients who are obese or exhibit signs of pulmonary...


A method for improving ultrasound imaging: Multi-covariate Imaging of Sub-resolution Targets (MIST)

Value Proposition Ultrasound imaging has a plethora of applications, both...


An automated ultrasound image acquisition method to optimize acquisition time

Value Proposition Ultrasound imaging is widely used for medical diagnostics...


Improving visualization during ultrasound-guided needle insertions

Value Proposition Insertion of needles into blood vessels is a...


Van-Cittert Zernike ultrasound imaging for improved contrast and noise reduction

Unmet Need Diagnostic ultrasound is used in the assessment of...


Adaptive ultrasound frequency selection

Unmet Need Acoustic clutter is a phenomenon that contributes to...