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A method for improving ultrasound imaging: Multi-covariate Imaging of Sub-resolution Targets (MIST)

Value Proposition Ultrasound imaging has a plethora of applications, both...


An automated ultrasound image acquisition method to optimize acquisition time

Value Proposition Ultrasound imaging is widely used for medical diagnostics...


Improving visualization during ultrasound-guided needle insertions

Value Proposition Insertion of needles into blood vessels is a...


Coherence-based ultrasonic imaging method

Unmet Need In ultrasound, clutter that originates from acoustic interactions...


Adaptive ultrasound frequency selection

Unmet Need Acoustic clutter is a phenomenon that contributes to...


A method for reducing speckle and improving resolution in ultrasound imaging

Value Proposition For many years, ultrasound imaging has been an...


A high-speed echocardiographic system that can assess cardiac function in real-time

Unmet Need Since its inception in the mid-1970s, real-time echocardiography...