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Night vision devices using pyroelectric sensor with metamaterial based heat control

Unmet Need Night vision and thermal imaging are key technologies...


Portable device for imaging fluorescence microarray chips

Unmet Need Diagnostic assessment of protein biomarkers plays an essential...


Spectrally-selective infrared photodetection for real-time hyper-spectral imaging

Value Proposition Thermal detectors, such as bolometric, pyroelectric and thermoelectric...


All dielectric absorber for improved real-time imaging in the terahertz spectrum

Value Proposition Discoveries over the past decades have unveiled unique...


A fluorescent probe for monitoring beta-secretase activity in cells

Molecular probes are provided for use in fluorescence microscopy procedures...


Test of Verbal Expression and Reasoning (TOVER)

The TOVER is non-standardized assessment of expressive language in context...


Removing camera shake via weighted Fourier burst accumulation

Value Proposition One of the most challenging experiences in photography...


Anatomically informed dynamic and heterogenous lung and bone architecture for human phantoms

Value Proposition The introduction of nuclear medicine has dramatically changed...


RNA aptamers for thrombi imaging

Value Proposition Thrombosis (blood clots within blood vessels) is a...