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Engineering & Physical Sciences

Digital acoustofluidics: contactless liquid handling device via acoustic streaming

Value Proposition For decades, scientists have pursued the goal of...


A bio-based method for producing adipic acid by using an enzyme to selectively convert 2-oxoadipate to (R)-2-hydroxyadipate

Unmet Need Adipic acid (1,4-butanedicarboxylic acid; COOH(CH2)4COOH), is among the...


Night vision devices using pyroelectric sensor with metamaterial based heat control

Unmet Need Night vision and thermal imaging are key technologies...


Micromachined transducer arrays for improved ultrasound imaging

Unmet Need With the surge of minimally invasive surgeries comes...


Electrosmell: Electrochemical modulation of odorant molecules

Value Proposition Up to 1 billion people in the world...


Producing and controlling the density of charged excitations in carbon nanotubes

Value Proposition Formation of quasiparticles, such as excitons, polarons, and...


Advanced adaptive cooling fabric

Unmet Need With the rise of temperatures due to global...


Surface acoustic wave based separation techniques

Value Proposition Complex biofluids such as blood, urine etc. contain...


Integrated thin film silicon detectors for fluorescence sensing

Unmet Need Microfluidic chip-based systems allow for rapid and sensitive...