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Engineering & Physical Sciences

Scintillation materials and devices for high-resolution, high-sensitivity, ionizing radiation detectors

Value Proposition Many industries require radiation detection; everything from agriculture...


Test of Verbal Expression and Reasoning (TOVER)

The TOVER is non-standardized assessment of expressive language in context...


An apparatus for maintaining throughput and resolution in a miniaturized mass spectrograph

Value Proposition Mass spectrometers are the gold standard for chemical...


Acoustofluidic centrifuge for nanoparticle enrichment and separation

Unmet Need Nanoparticle manipulation is highly relevant to biomedical and...


Structured illumination for compressive tomography

Value Proposition Tomographic imaging is a well-known imaging method where...


Stereoscopic heads-up display for displaying surgical data in a Surgical Microscope

Value proposition Typically, microsurgical systems have a console for controlling...


Method of synthesizing carbon nanotubes with enhanced electron field emission properties

Value Proposition Carbon nanotubes are cylindrical large molecules that possess...