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Dynamic hand gesture recognition using low-cost cavity-backed metasurface apertures

Value Proposition With the mass adoption of the smartphone came...


A system for depositing blended thin films to improve the fabrication of organic solar cells

Unmet Need Many modern technology applications benefit from the use...


Novel biosensors made with non-fouling polymer materials

Unmet Need The advancement of personalized medicine and targeted therapies...


Subscription based MIMO wireless power tranmission

Subscription based multiple-input-single-output and multiple-input-multiple-output wireless energy transfer enables selective...


Wickless vapor chamber

Value Proposition Thermal diodes are devices that rectify heat flows....


Digital acoustofluidics: contactless liquid handling device via acoustic streaming

Value Proposition For decades, scientists have pursued the goal of...


Surface acoustic wave based separation techniques

Value Proposition Complex biofluids such as blood, urine etc. contain...