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Software for predicting vibrational blade response in gas turbines

Unmet Need Virtually all commercial aircraft use gas turbine engines...


A system for depositing blended thin films to improve the fabrication of organic solar cells

Unmet Need Many modern technology applications benefit from the use...


A green and efficient free radical initiator system for producing hydrogels

Unmet Need Hydrogels are heavily employed in agriculture, commercial wound...


Sugar-based polymers with easily tuned mechanical properties that range from plastic to elastomeric

Unmet Need The production of plastics from renewable sources is...


A bio-based method for producing adipic acid by using an enzyme to selectively convert 2-oxoadipate to (R)-2-hydroxyadipate

Unmet Need Adipic acid (1,4-butanedicarboxylic acid; COOH(CH2)4COOH), is among the...


A rapid and low-cost method for benchtop microfabrication of thermoplastic microdevices using UV light and miniaturization

Unmet Need Microfluidics has shown considerable promise for advancing biomedical...