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Ex vivo scavenging of pro-inflammatory nucleic acids by electrospun cationic nanofibers

Value proposition Chronic wounds are a challenge to treat and...


Topical PHD inhibitors to enhance wound healing by reducing ischemia

Unmet Need Millions of patients experience unhealed skin wounds, and...


Biomaterial therapy for healing brain tissue after ischemic stroke

Unmet Need Ischemic stroke affects 692,000 patients annually in the...


An injectable hydrogel scaffold that delivers gene therapies locally

Unmet Need Gene therapy has applications ranging from tissue engineering...


Peptide materials for immunomodulation

Value Proposition Glatiramoids are biomaterials synthesized for use as immunomodulators....


Abl kinase inhibitors promote lung regeneration after pathogen and chemical-induced injury

Value Proposition Damage to the lung epithelium in response to...