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AI-assistive surgical instrument contaminant detection device

Unmet Need There are approximately 700,000 healthcare-associated infections that occur...


A tool designated for cutting through dura during brain surgery

Unmet Need Dura mater is the protective layer of the...


Augmented reality-based navigation for use in neurosurgical procedures

Unmet Need Over 200 million surgical procedures are performed each...


Secure cannula design to prevent improper infusion during vitreoretinal surgery

Unmet Need Around 250,000 vitrectomies are performed in the U.S....


Memory-efficient deep learning algorithms for computed tomography image reconstruction

Unmet Need Using high resolution images such as computed tomography...


Aptamer anticoagulant therapy to reduce complications of ECMO treatment

Unmet Need Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a life-saving treatment...


Biomaterial pouch for long-term xenogeneic cell transplantation

Unmet Need Cell therapy is an exciting therapeutic approach that...