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An injectable hydrogel scaffold that delivers gene therapies locally

Unmet Need Gene therapy has applications ranging from tissue engineering...


Methods for ablating niche cells in testis

Value Proposition Infertility affects 10-15% of couples and up to...


Genetically encoded hybrid biomaterials that are thermally responsive and tunable

Unmet Need Developing new biomaterials is an active area of...


Tunable elastomer-like polymers for use in soft tissue regeneration and drug delivery

Unmet Need Biodegradable synthetic polymers are often used as scaffolding...


An implanted biomaterial to accelerate bone healing

Unmet Need A leading concept in regenerative medicine is transplantation...


A method for treating critical limb ischemia and other ischemic injuries

Unmet Need The most severe stage of peripheral artery disease,...


Biomaterial pouch for long-term xenogeneic cell transplantation

Unmet Need Cell therapy is an exciting therapeutic approach that...


Biomaterial therapy for healing brain tissue after ischemic stroke

Unmet Need Ischemic stroke affects 692,000 patients annually in the...