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Automated segmentation of layered structures such as retinal layers using graph cuts

Disclosed herein are systems and method for segmentation and identification...


Pulse duration and the dynamics of infrared tissue ablation

Value Proposition Laser-based ablation procedures are being investigated as a...


Systems and methods to noninvasively enhance the visual acuity for patients with retinal prostheses

Unmet Need Degenerative eye diseases lead to a profound decrease...


A novel method for automatic segmentation and identification of closed-contour structures in images

Unmet Need Fast, accurate, and objective detection and quantification of...


A designated instrument for removing intraocular lenses

Unmet Need Cataract surgery is one of the most common...


Secure cannula design to prevent improper infusion during vitreoretinal surgery

Unmet Need Around 250,000 vitrectomies are performed in the U.S....


Gene therapy for long-term decrease of intraocular pressure

Unmet Need It is estimated that in the US alone,...