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Manassantin compounds and methods of making and using the same

Value Proposition Adequate amount of oxygen (O2) is essential for...


Diagnostic and treatment for chronic and acute phase myeloid leukemia

Value Proposition While cancer therapies have increased survival for many...


A smart fiber optic sensor system for quantitative tissue optical spectroscopy

Smart fiber optic sensors, systems, and methods for performing quantitative...


Methods for treating pain and predicting cancer immune therapy efficacy

Value proposition Chronic pain is a major health problem that...


Improving immune checkpoint blockade therapy by inhibiting ATM protein

Unmet Need The great enthusiasm for immune checkpoint blockade (ICB)...


A method of identifying a B cell malignancy as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Unmet Need Malignancies derived from mature B cells are common...


A method for treating cancer using HDAC10 inhibitors

Unmet Need Cancer remains the second leading cause of death...


A cDNA sequence encoding the ATX protein (Human ATX cDNA)

Value Proposition ATX is an active protein kinase that plays...