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Treating the brain from the gut

The most common reason for which US Americans visit the...


A universal antidote for aptamer therapeutics

Value Proposition With an ever increasing number of people taking...


A software for more easily monitoring physiological data through improved visualization and machine learning analysis

Value Proposition With inexpensive wearable sensors, physiological data monitoring has...


Gene therapy and small molecule treatment of chronic pain without addiction

Unmet Need Chronic pain is an escalating issue worldwide –...


CRISPR-based antiviral treatment of coronavirus infections

Unmet Need The global market for antiviral drugs is a...


Memory-efficient deep learning algorithms for computed tomography image reconstruction

Unmet Need Using high resolution images such as computed tomography...


Pallialytics, a machine learning model to determine palliative-care eligible patients

Unmet Need Palliative care is specialized medical care that is...


A process to selectively access allylic diamines that can aid in identifying new drug compounds

Unmet Need When developing new drugs, researchers often rely on...