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Mast cell targeting to predict and prevent virus-induced vascular leakage

Value Proposition Dengue is a mosquito spread virus that affects...


A novel acoustic biomarker for quality of life in LVAD recipients

Unmet Need Left ventricular devices (LVADs) are surgically implanted pumps...


Metabolite biomarkers of human heart failure

Value Proposition Heart failure is a very common condition affecting...


Algorithm for improving the clarity of electrocardiograms for patients with LVADs

Unmet Need Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements are an important tool for...


Gene polymorphisms to identify altered effectiveness of beta blocker therapy in cardiac surgery candidates

Unmet Need Postoperative atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common...


RNA Aptamers Targeting a coagulation Cascade Cofactor

Value Proposition Thrombosis (blood clots within blood vessels) is a...


Biomarkers to measure patient platelet functional status on aspirin and predict cardiovascular events

Value Proposition Aspirin is the most commonly prescribed anti-platelet medication...


Aptamers to Glycoprotein VI

Value Proposition Millions of Americans have received antiplatelet agents to...