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MEK inhibitors as therapeutic agents and diagnostic tools for hemoglobinopathies, including thalassemia

Value Proposition Patients with sickle cell disease experience acute vaso-occlusive...


Aptamers to VMF

Focused aptamer libraries are constructed in accordance with a proteome...


RNA Aptamers Targeting a coagulation Cascade Cofactor

Value Proposition Thrombosis (blood clots within blood vessels) is a...


Aptamers to Glycoprotein VI

Value Proposition Millions of Americans have received antiplatelet agents to...


Controlling coagulation with aptamer combinations and aptamer-drug combinations and their antidotes

Value Proposition Millions of Americans have received anticoagulative agents to...


Near-infrared fluorescent proteins for live cell and animal imaging

Unmet Need Fluorescent microscopy is one of the most common...


Aptamer anticoagulant therapy to reduce complications of ECMO treatment

Unmet Need Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a life-saving treatment...


Surgical drain for fluid collection

Unmet Need Surgical drains are an essential component of various...