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Lou Ward joins OTC as a Technology Marketing Associate with a breadth of experience in the life sciences, technology, marketing, and education. Throughout their career, Lou has strived to bring the sciences to a wide range of audiences, crafting compelling narratives and immersive content for scientists, executives, and students alike. Lou’s work in OTC supports Duke graduate students and faculty as they bring their inventions out of the lab and into the world. They are the Program Director for the OTC Fellows program. Prior to their time at Duke OTC, Lou worked as an editor, writer, and strategist on long form digital content for SaaS companies within the life sciences and clean energy spaces. They have also taught as an experiential and science educator, working with students as young as Pre-K and as advanced as undergraduate. Lou is a Duke undergraduate alumnus who received their B.S. in biology and a minor in environmental science and policy. Over the course of their time at Duke and shortly after, they worked in the Wright lab, co-authored a peer reviewed paper, and participated in the Bass Connections and DukeEngage programs. In their spare time, they enjoy teaching yoga and hiking around the Piedmont with the family dogs.