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Fedor Kossakovski joins OTC with a science communication background and a mission to accelerate technologies out of the lab and into the world. He manages all messaging, communication, and events coming out of the office – working with internal audiences like Duke inventors and administration as well as external audiences like industry and investors. Fedor began his time at OTC in 2021 as Technology Marketing Associate, developing and supporting the marketing efforts for Duke technologies coming through OTC and coordinating the OTC Fellows Program. Fedor majored in Chemistry and minored in Creative Writing at UNC. He also had an early intro to Duke as part of the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, a full-ride scholarship at both Duke and UNC. After college, he took up freelance science communications, working often with veteran science correspondent Miles O’Brien to produce nationally-broadcast TV news segments and shows for PBS NewsHour, PBS NOVA, PBS FRONTLINE, and others. His writing has appeared in National Geographic, PBS NewsHour, The Henry Ford Magazine, and more.