Resources for Students

Ownership of Invention made by Students

According to University Policy, inventions made by undergraduates will generally remain the property of the student, except when the invention is:

• Made through the execution of duties associated with employment at Duke;

• Developed with another inventor who has the duty to assign the invention to Duke. In those instances, ownership will be distributed in a manner proportional to the contribution of each inventor; or

• Developed under an external agreement with Duke that explicitly provides for an alternative assignment of inventions.

OTC Student Internship and Training Programs

OTC Fellows Program – OTC’s internship program for graduate students and post-docs to gain comprehensive experience and training in the field of technology transfer.

New Ventures Fellows Program – The Fellows are responsible for assisting Duke start-ups with a variety of activities, from putting together investor pitch decks, to assessing the competitive landscape, to informing overall business plan development and corporate strategy. 

Other Resources

Duke Legal Clinics – Operating collectively as a public interest law firm with eleven distinct practice areas and housed in its own wing of the law school, the Duke Legal Clinics provide students challenging opportunities to deepen their substantive legal knowledge, strengthen their lawyering skills, and build their professional identities.

Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative – This initiative was founded in 2013 and has since been an agent to foster entrepreneurship in the Duke Community. Duke I&E offers several relevant programs and opportunities for students that you may find interesting:

  • Duke Start-up challenge – “The Duke Startup Challenge, founded in 1999, is designed to help Duke’s entrepreneurship community flourish, with a year long entrepreneurship competition followed by an accelerator program. Hosted by the Fuqua School of Business and the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative.”
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy – “The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy provides a range of learning opportunities for those interested in expanding their skill set in innovation and entrepreneurship.”
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate – “The undergraduate certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) is designed to provide students with a pathway to pursue a rigorous cross-disciplinary study of innovation and entrepreneurship that will be complementary to any major and will enable students to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their of pursuit of knowledge in service of society.”
  • Clean Energy Prize – The recently merged Duke University Energy Initiative and Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, together with the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (I&E), are offering this award to support Duke students’ development of ideas, products, and services advancing an accessible, affordable, reliable, and clean energy future.
  • Nucleate Activator Program -Nucleate is a trainee-led organization that facilitates the formation of pioneering life sciences companies without taking equity. The program connects scientific trainees and business students with a world-class advisor network of startup founders, executives, venture investors, and renowned scientists..