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Tellus Therapeutics

Tellus Therapeutics

Tellus is a mission-driven company dedicated to developing safe and effective treatments for unmet needs in newborns.
Founded in October 2018, Tellus is translating breakthrough science licensed from Duke University in which compounds identified in breast milk induce the regeneration of myelin-producing oligodendrocytes and repair white matter injury (WMI) in an animal model of perinatal brain injury. Tellus’ goal for its lead asset (TT-20) is to provide a treatment for every baby born at risk for brain injury and improve neurodevelopmental outcomes for affected children.
Through the development of TT-20, Tellus is pioneering a regulatory path for ’First-in-Neonates” programs that leverages advances in clinical tools and regulatory guidance.
As a preclinical stage life sciences start-up company, Tellus is focused on planning, funding and executing development programs to demonstrate safety and efficacy of new therapeutic interventions in newborns. Tellus aims to leverage institutional support, non-dilutive funding, equity investment and patient advocacy to discover, develop and commercialize a pipeline of products that improve care delivery, outcomes and lives of patients and families.
Tellus Therapeutics Secures Seed Financing to Develop the First Treatment for Newborns with White Matter Brain Injury


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