T3 Bioscience




Ching-Hong Yang

Duke Inventor(s):

Eric J Toone, Xin Chen, Ching-Hong Yang

T3Bioscience LLC concentrates on a two-pronged research focus. It differentiates its research between synthetic and bio products. Synthetic product research specializes in developing antivirulence drugs for fighting the gram-negative bacterial pathogens in humans and crops (namely, apple, pear & rice) by targeting type 3 secretion system of bacterial virulence.

Bio product research is specialized on the discovery of new antibiotics by means of an internal proprietary methodology (PROMISA – Proprietary Methodology for Isolation of Antibiotic Bacteria) developed by Dr. Ching-Hong Yang over the last 15 years that allows systematic and efficient discovery of new bacteria fighting antibiotic resistance in humans.

T3Bioscience executes its research fulfilling five objectives:

  • identify alternative products to replace existing antibiotics;
  • identify supplements for existing antibiotics (synthetic or natural); ie, cognate inhibitors as potential combination agents to increase or restore current commercially available antibiotics against bacterial pathogens;
  • develop new anti-microbials.
  • specialized agriculture focus with synthetic products to replace antibiotics as pesticides, thus contributing to fight human antibiotic resistance.
  • bring lead compounds from the laboratory as commercial products to the shelves of a drug store, helping to save human lives.