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Thanos Maroglou

Duke Inventor(s):

Nicolas Katsanis, Edwin Oh, Yangfan Liu, I-Chun Tsai

Rescindo Therapeutics discovers novel therapeutic targets and drugs for human genetic disorders based on humanized zebrafish in-vivo modeling.

Rescindo’s platform technology was developed by the Duke Center for Human Disease Modeling led by Dr Nicholas Katsanis.

Over $70 million has been spent developing the technology and more than 260 papers have been published in prominent publications. Rescindo has an exclusive license from Duke University. The discovery platform is based on:

1. Industrializing zebra fish modeling so many physiological measurements are collected rapidly in-vivo. Rescindo has developed over 650 physiologically relevant animal models of human genetic disorders and is continuing to expand rapidly. They have also developed mouse models for selective diseases to further validate their zebra fish discoveries and prepare for per-clinical work.

2. Development of tools that have enabled Recindo to identify suppressors for human genetic disorders. That is to say genes/proteins that when antagonized in the context of deleterious mutations elsewhere in the human genome, have a beneficial effect.

Rescindo has signed 2 large biotech collaborations and has been awarded an NIH SBIR grant.