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Realtime Robotics

Realtime Robotics

Faster than Human Motion in Unstructured Workspaces

Realtime Robotics have invented a specialized processor for generating safe robot motion plans in microseconds, enabling robots to function in unstructured, collaborative workspaces, reacting to other movements as soon as they are perceived.

Accelerating market penetration

We are dedicated to enabling robotics to achieve its long promised future. Sensing and cognition are making enormous strides, driven by the rapid development of autonomous vehicle technology. Human-safe robotic arms and sensitive grasping technologies are also moving rapidly.
Our dedicated motion planning processors are poised to enable systems that can make full use of the wealth of new components, rapidly moving into millions of light manufacturing and complex assembly operations, as well as a multitude of life-enhancing service and inspection roles.
We intend to work with industry leaders to help stitch together easy-to-customize solutions, allowing the tens of thousands of system integrators around the world to outfit the factories, care centers, and homes of the future.

Watch it in actionRealtime Robotics Vemeo Video

This specialized processor allows people and robots to work safely together in the same space.  This proprietary hardware generates new motion plans as fast as they are being perceived.  Watch the video and see it in action!

How do robots plan for unexpected motion (like a hand blocking their path)? Find out as producer Frank Graff takes on Duke robotics professor Daniel Sorin.

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