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Robert Thelen

Duke Inventor(s):

Marybeth Tetlow


Line Snugglers are nursing products developed by Marybeth Tetlow, a clinical nurse on the Duke Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit. These waterproof sleeves or adjustable vests with waterproof sleeves provide a means to protect central line lumens and their connected IV tubing from contamination or entanglement in infants, small children, and now older patients as well. Line Snugglers unique design keeps lines bundled and organized for easy movement and shields the central lines and all IV connection points from body fluids and other debris, such as glitter, playdoh, glue, or paint. Additionally, this innovation decreases the anxiety of patients, families, and nurses, as children actively go through intense treatment for life-threatening illnesses.

“The Duke OTC team has helped me in protecting my ideas’ design and in the early stages of a start-up, something we will continue to work on so that soon patients, families, and nurses everywhere can benefit from my invention!” –Marybeth Tetlow, inventor of Line Snugglers

Marybeth Tetlow shows off her Line Snuggers to President Price
Marybeth Tetlow shows off her Line Snuggers to President Price at the 1st Invented at Duke Celebration