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The Hydrean is a new mindful tool designed for use by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Its tactile design and intuitive features help to guide your awareness towards intentional living. The Hydrean offers an instant sanctuary within you; a mental space to perceive, reflect, and contemplate the world anew. Let your fingers guide your perception and start to think differently.

How it works

A simple routine unlocks a hidden sanctuary within you.
Explore the Hydrean with your fingertip and feel the difference in elevation. There are three different types of intervals (grooves) all around the ring — short, medium, and long (1,2,3). You might also notice two longer elevations on opposite sides of the wheel, with each of them curving in opposite directions. Once you can identify these areas, start by placing a finger anywhere on the wheel and follow the directions below accordingly. Rotate your Hydrean in any direction to progress from one prompt to the next all at your own pace.