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Martin Lefkowitz

To develop and deliver to healthcare professionals the best service available and to make the life of those individuals who use our service as uncomplicated and user-friendly as possible.

Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., DigitalDerm, Inc. was founded by leading melanoma expert James Grichnik, M.D., Ph.D. His vision was to adapt and upgrade previous total body photography techniques utilizing film and picture books to a computer-based system.  He felt that this would allow all users of our service the ability to harness the speed and power of computer-generated image displays.  He also wanted the total patient experience to be dignified and comfortable for the patient in order to encourage patients to become an active contributor in the early melanoma detection process.

DigitalDerm, Inc.’s initial offering, the MoleMapCD service, was more than a decade ago and has since been in use at medical facilities across the country.  The service was recently upgraded from the CD based format to a highly sophisticated cloud-based transfer, storage and image retrieval system, The MoleMap Technology Service.  The result is that patient images can now be directly accessed with the use of any electronic device that accepts images.  This highly robust and flexible photographic digital imaging service allows for increased speed, navigation, and zooming qualities. The MoleMap Technology Service is now poised to become the new standard of care for documenting the skin surface of patients at-risk for melanoma enhancing the ability to identify melanoma in early, more treatable stages.

While The MoleMap Technology Service has a strong presence in the southeastern United States, DigitalDerm is launching it’s technology nationwide; exploring international introductions on a country-by-country basis; and developing new, functionality-enhanced updates to its technology.