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OTC Oversight Board Members:

Arti Rai, Elvin R. Latty Professor of Law

Cynthia Toth, MD, Joseph A.C. Wadsworth Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology

Donald McDonell , PhD, Glaxo-Wellcome Distinguished Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology & Cancer Biology

Jeff Glass, PhD, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jennifer West, PhD, Fitzpatrick Family University Distinguished Professor of Engineering

Jennifer Lodge, PhD, Vice President for Research and Innovation

Scott Gibson, MBA, Executive Vice Dean Admin, Finance and Resource Planning

Svati Shah, MD, Professor of Medicine

Information about the Board (taken from Article II of the Duke University Patent Policy):

The OTC Board consists of seven members. Five Board members shall be selected from the faculty and two from the administration. Three of the faculty members shall be selected by the Chancellor of Health Affairs (Chancellor), in consultation with the Dean of the SOM; the Provost shall select two faculty from Campus Schools in consultation with the Deans of those Schools. One of the Campus representatives shall be a faculty member in the Pratt School of Engineering. The Chancellor shall select the SOM administrative representative, and the Provost will select the Campus administrative representative. The Board will be co-Chaired by the Campus and SOM administrative representatives. The director of OTC shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board and the Board shall designate an ex-officio Secretary of the Board. A designated member of the Counsel’s Office shall also be a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board. At the discretion of the Chancellor and Provost, a faculty member from the School of Law, with expertise in licensing and patent policy, may be added as an additional Board member. The director of OTC shall report jointly to the Provost and Chancellor, or their designees, who would be the administrative members of the Board. The Board shall:

1. Receive and review the annual report of the Director of the Office of Translation & Commercialization and consult with the Director of the Office of Translation & Commercialization when requested.

2. Report to the Provost and Chancellor or designees on the implementation of this policy, and recommend such new or different policies or guidelines as may be more suitable for the achievement of its objectives.

3. Sit as a tribunal for the resolution of specific disputes involving the ownership of and equities involved in inventions, on appeal from decisions of the Director of the Office of Translation & Commercialization.

4. Receive requests for interpretations of this policy and, after deliberation, recommend to the President such interpretations as it considers appropriate.

5. Receive, review and recommend to the Chancellor and Provost the OTC budget as annually submitted by the Director of OTC.