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Front view of matured Caucasian female doctor using mobile phone in clinic at hospital. Colleagues and patient are in the background

July 3, 2019

Press Releases License Agreement “Deep Sepsis” Licensed to Cohere Med

Cohere Med licenses technology from Duke to drive adoption of...


September 28, 2021

Press Releases Start-ups 374Water, A North Carolina Innovator, Hosts U.S. Congressman David Price

From left to right: Henri Gavin of Duke University, Israel...

Realtime Robotics RapidPlan processor

June 20, 2019

Engineering Press Releases Start-ups A new chip lets robots “imagine” their actions before they make a move

Robots that can rapidly plan out their movements could accelerate...


January 18, 2022

Duke Innovations Press Releases A Sweet Breakthrough: Scientists Develop Recyclable Plastics Based on Sugars

Researchers from the University of Birmingham, U.K., and Duke University,...


May 21, 2019

Innovation Press Releases Start-ups Amazon Prime Boss Named CEO of Google-Backed IonQ

Peter Chapman has had a varied career. The son of an astronaut,...


June 16, 2021

Medicine Press Releases Duke News Antibody Targets Mechanism That Enables Lung Cancer to Grow and Spread

By Sarah Avery DURHAM, N.C. – An investigational antibody in...


August 13, 2021

Innovation Press Releases Start-ups As Gun Violence Rises, Evolv Technology Improves Prevention by 50%

Evolv Express 3.0 Disrupts Security Market Again with Enhanced Threat...


September 8, 2021

Press Releases Start-ups ATP Announces $40 Million in Series A Funding for srRNA Therapeutics Trailblazer Replicate Bioscience

“We started Replicate to build a best-in-class srRNA platform from...

Basking Bioscience Logo, blue and purple head outline with dna helix

December 7, 2020

Duke Innovations Press Releases Start-ups Basking Biosciences, Inc. Completes $5.4M Seed Financing

Funding to support development of the first reversible thrombolytic therapy...