October 31, 2017


T3 BioScience hires senior scientist, expanding its medical R&D team

UWM and Duke startup T3 BioScience hires senior scientist, expanding its medical R&D team



Milwaukee, October 31, 2017 – T3 BioScience announces the hiring of Dr. Xiangyang Liu as a senior scientist who will be strengthening T3’s medical research team.  Dr. Liu has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and has an extensive track record in the industry.  Prior to joining T3, he has last worked on the discovery and development of new drugs against cancer and other infectious diseases. Dr. Liu’s past experience combined with his academic curriculum is expected to accelerate T3 BioScience’s medical research.

Additionally, T3 BioScience confirms to have also hired a Laboratory Technician, Mr. John J. Srok, a microbiologist, increasing capacity to its medical discovery process.

Both hires signal a strategic investment into expanding the firm’s medical science team that is utilizing a unique proprietary methodology for isolating bacteria from nature. The scientists are in search of discovering natural bacteria that will fight what are commonly known as superbugs – strains of bacteria that are resistant to the majority of today’s commonly used antibiotics.

“T3 BioScience is very pleased that Dr. Liu and Mr. Srok have joined our medical R&D team,” says Dr. Ching-Hong Yang, CSO and founder of T3 BioScience. “With the joining of the new team members, we are consistently pursuing our strategy of not only strengthening our scientific discovery team, but also increasing our diversity and creativity required in the quest of developing novel antibiotics.”

T3 BioScience confirmed that, in line with its growth strategy, is committed to continue looking for highly qualified new scientists to join its research team.


About T3Bioscience:

T3Bioscience LLC specializes in developing antivirulence drugs for fighting the gram-negative bacterial pathogens in humans and crops by targeting the type 3 secretion system of bacterial virulence. Its medical R&D main focus is on the discovery of novel antibiotics. Established in 2013, the company’s shareholders include the UWM Research Foundation and Duke Philanthropies. Chief Science Officer, Dr. Ching-Hong Yang, is applying more than 15 years of microbiological research to treating bacterial infection without increasing resistance to conventional antibiotics.
For more information: www.t3biosci.com